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Carolyn Warren - Langford

  • Monday 6:30 pm-9:00 pm
  • Tuesday 9:30 am-12:00 pm

Carolyn Warren-Langford is a Perth based Clay and Glass artist and sculptor. After completing her art degree working in clay, glass and jewellery at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia Carolyn began exhibiting her figurative ceramic sculptures in local galleries before moving to Melbourne in 2013. There her work has been exhibited at various galleries including as a finalist four times in the Wyndham Art Prize Exhibitions, Art in Public Places, Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Gallery and with the Association of Sculptors of Victoria at Bourke Place, Melbourne.

Her figurative sculptures are called PyreBorn Women, mostly fat bottomed wild women who shapeshift into birds and yearn to fly. They are often adorned with scraps of rusty metal, bones or wood, smoky flashes of colour from the pit fire. Drawing from her own life experiences, her work is centred around women, their bodies, their experiences, and their stories, entwining contemporary women’s voices with alchemy, myths, and fairy tales.

Recently, Carolyn has been producing a new range of work which include her hemispherical and beautifully glazed Dragon Bowls formed from black clay and her set of hand held earthy, pit fired clay orbs, personal labyrinths, and rattles. Her work is entirely hand formed, are completely unique and there are no two pieces the same.

Carolyn enjoys sharing her love of clay with others, having taught ceramics to adults and children of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds in Melbourne’s western suburbs for six years. She relocated back home to Perth Western Australia to be closer to her family in 2020 and will be teaching twice weekly Hand building with Clay classes at Liddelow Homestead in Kenwick starting in February.

Please contact her by email on claysanctuaryinfo@gmail.com if you are keen to get your hands into some gorgeous clay and make something from a blob of mud that you will treasure forever.

Follow her on www.instagram.com/studiopyra or visit her website www.studiopyra.com.au if you are interested in purchasing a beautiful sculpture, a ritual object or even a piece of functional art.

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