The Club started in 1974-75 with two potters.
The Historical Homestead built in 1850 consisted of 7 rooms and was shared with the
Historical Society who have since moved to larger premises.

In 1976 from these humble beginnings which included lots of fund raising, the club expanded
to include Spinners, Artists, Quilt Making Pottery, Patchwork & Painting, Woodturning and
Children's classes in Art & Pottery
The Gosnells City Council saw the need for the Club to have larger premises and so built a new Gallery and Pottery workshop the same as the original building, Rammed Earth.

The Club is a non profit organisation run entirely with volunteers,
it brings to the City of Gosnells and surrounding districts a
community service which is unique.

You receive a news letter bi-monthly and the use of the library from which
you may borrow.

Members may sell any crafts they make in the shop or at our many Fair Days.